SeaPassion offers nautical services for tourists with disabilities through the rental of accessible nautical tourism equipment.

Job wheelchair for the beach and the sea

Lightweight and comfortable to move unlike ordinary wheelchairs and wheelchairs for the disabled, the JOB chair is perfect for ensuring that people with disabilities can enjoy a nice beach vacation.

Neatech was very careful and meticulous when making its beach chair JOB in that it chose materials that make it practically impervious to saltiness, which as we know tends to easily corrode even iron.

The support under the seat is perfect for securing the chair both on the ground and in the water, adjusting its position and tilt, so the disabled person can enjoy bathing and have fun in complete safety.

JOB is also perfect for all those bathing establishments or campsites without supports for people with disabilities as , thanks to its special composition and simplicity of use, it can easily break down all possible architectural barriers present.

Thanks to J.O.B., all people with disabilities will have the opportunity to fully experience a beach vacation without having to worry about architectural barriers, comfortably access the beach and bathe in the sea

Pedal for the disabled

Pedals with facilitated ascent For people with mobility impairments and pedals in particular molding

Inflatable boats for the disabled

8-seater inflatable boats with wheelchair positions and related couplings to facilitate the boat ride.